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  • 1/4″ Double Braided Yacht Rope


    High quality 1/4″ rope used to make rope halters and other tack. This double braided yacht rope is made from strong and durable polyester fibers. I currently only stock the black rope. I can custom order the other colors to ship direct from my supplier subject to their availability. Sold by the foot, average size…

  • The Perfect Fit Rope Halter Worksheet


    Are you tired of rope halters that don’t fit your horse? I’ll show you my method for getting the perfect fit EVERY TIME! Tired of tying halters that just don’t fit your horse. There are plenty of measurement charts on the internet, but when you follow them you still get a halter that doesn’t fit…

  • 650 Nylon Paracord – 50 ft hank


    The 650 Nylon Paracord has a unique inner core. The inner nylon strands are thicker or fluffier and offers a smoother and more comfortable feel when using for crafts. Great for knife grips, paracord bracelets, horse tack or general purpose. The 650 parachute cord is a little thicker than 550 cord at 5/32″ diameter. With…

  • Paracord Browband for Rope Riding Halters


    This is a great way to dress up your halters! It can be put on any of your current rope halters, riding halters, bosal halters. Made from 650 Paracord in an array of colors. Very easy to use. Just pull on the rope to make it bigger, insert your halter and tighten back up! It…

  • Emergency Pocket String Halter


    Fits anywhere! This is a must have for any trip or trail ride. Don’t be caught without the necessary equipment. Made out of one strand of 1/8″ paracord, great emergency halter. Tied with all the same knots as my regular halters. (This halter is not for training, the thinness of the rope can damage your…

  • Hand Braided Paracord Survival Bracelet


    Hand braided paracord survival bracelet is made from about 8 ft of 650 paracord. Can be taken apart in emergency situations and used for many things. I have seen Bear Grylls wearing one in an episode of Man vs. Wild. I don’t use any hardware or plastic pieces in my bracelets. For size: measure your…

  • Fancy Rope Halter Video Course


    A complete rope halter video course that will show you how to tie a the perfect fitting rope halter, and how to decorate it with paracord for a custom look. Once you purchase you can hop right in. The content is all pre-recorded and is waiting for you inside to work through at your own…

  • Indian Rope Bosal for Bitless Riding


    The Indian Bosal is a solution to the many problems that bits may cause. It is a simple design, consisting only of yacht rope just like the rope halters. The Indian Bosal may be attached to any type headstall, either Western or English in style. Much like the rope halter, the bosal works through pressure….

  • Bitless Rope Side-Pull Headstall Attachment

    The Side-pull attachment is a great solution for horses who do not like bits. It may be attached to any type headstall, either Western or English in style.
  • Basic Natural Horsemanship Rope Halter

    This is a great basic halter!
  • Pocket Lead/ Savvy String/ Handy String


    This is a perfect little pocket lead rope! It’s convenient 6 ft length can also be used as a single rein or as an attachment for a training stick. Features a hand spliced eye and leather popper (leather may be a different color than shown.)

  • Paracord Braided Dog Slip Collar


    Hand braided paracord dog slip collar. Your choice from 16 – 22 inches long. Made with a 4 strand round braid and your choice of stainless steel or solid brass hardware.