Tips for safely using rope halters.

1. Make sure your knots are properly tied and the halter adjusted each time you use it. (see diagram)

2. Don’t leave any halter on your horse while in the pasture unless it is made to break away if the horse becomes tangled.

3. Don’t tie your horse with a rope halter to a stationary place without a quick release knot. The narrowness of the rope can cause severe rope burn if the horse pulls back.

4. Don’t use a rope halter on foals. Their skin is tender and the rope halter might be too severe if the foal pulls back.

Follow these steps for the correct way to tie a halter onto your horse, any other way is wrong and dangerous.

Cleaning Your Gear

Do not machine wash your halters.

The agitation of the machine may cause the rope to herniate. The dryer may also cause the same problems as well as making your rope fuzzy.

Herniation won’t happen every time, but it can happen on on the first or the 10th time.

If you need to wash your halters, I recommend that you do it by hand and hang them out to dry.