Modified Side-Pull Rope Riding Halter



Custom Rope Color Upgrade


Custom Measurements

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Product Description

Can also be used with a bit!

This modified rope halter/bitless bridle is perfect for trail rides, just snap on your reins and go. You can go from training to riding without the hassle of more tack.This halter is hand-tied from your choice of soft black 1/4″ double braided polyester yacht rope or firm black 1/4″ polyester halter cord. All knots are properly tied using the double overhand knot and the Fiador knot. I have also woven paracord (yellow is pictured) around the noseband for a softer feel for the horse and a pleasing look to us. You can also request to have a spiral weaved noseband instead.

Learn how to make your own modified rope halter with my step-by-step video course.



Braided Style

This is the standard braid in a solid color.

This is a standard two toned braid.

(main color = burgundy; trim color = navy blue)

Spiral Style

This is the twisted style in a solid color.

This is the twisted style in two colors.


print your copy and follow along

Get a copy of my DIY Rope Halter cheat sheet to make following along with the demonstration video easier while you tie your next halter!