Indian Rope Bosal Bitless Riding Halter


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Custom Measurements & Notes

Product Description

This is my best-seller!

This custom rope halter with indian bosal bitless bridle is perfect for trail rides, just snap on your reins and go.
This halter is hand-tied from your choice of soft black 1/4″ double braided polyester yacht rope or firm black 1/4″ polyester halter cord. All knots are properly tied using the double overhand knot and the Fiador knot.
I have also woven paracord (solid gold is pictured) around the noseband for a softer feel for the horse and a pleasing look to us. You can also request to have a spiral weaved noseband instead.

If you need some help tying a rope halter, I’ve created a step-by-step video course to walk you through the process. You can learn more about that here.

Custom Halter Measurements

If you need a custom halter these are the measurements.
1. Measure across the top of the nose from point of cheek to oppposite point of cheek. (turquiose)
2. Measure around the circumference of the nose. (red)
3. Measure from point of cheek to back of jaw. (green)
4. Measure around the collar. (blue)

Braided Style

This is the standard braid in a solid color.

This is a standard two toned braid.

(main color = burgundy; trim color = navy blue)

Spiral Style

This is the twisted style in a solid color.

This is the twisted style in two colors.

Paracord Colors

These are the different colors available for the braided paracord noseband. Your noseband comes in either one or two colors. You can see the different variations available in the “Braid Styles” tab.


Actual paracord colors will vary from the photos. Lighting conditions, monitor settings, etc… all affect the images. A lot of these colors are hard to photograph clearly enough to show detail and not get a color change or reflections. The photos shown here are “representative” of the actual colors. Colors can and will vary. Refunds and exchanges will not be granted due to color.

Please Note: The dye lots may vary from each production of the cord, they are all within specifications, but may not match up exact from one purchase to the next. If you need exact matches please purchase the amount needed. All purchases made at the same time will match, but we can’t guarantee they will match on another purchase.

Rope Colors

Upgrade your order with one of these custom rope colors. Most  of the rope in these other colors are also made of polyester, but a few are made from nylon. Make sure to select your chosen color above in the dropdown menu under “Custom Rope Color Upgrade” there is an additional charge as well as added processing time.

11 reviews for Indian Rope Bosal Bitless Riding Halter

  1. Cherie Stump

    I purchased the Indian bosal halter for my horse that is very picky about his ears so it made it easy to put on. He would also throw his head around with a bit. Now he is a happy boy and listens very well.

  2. Carolyn Chatterton

    These Indian bosal halters are wonderful. We’ve gone bitless for years, but have kept searching for the perfect halter/bridle for riding. These are very attractive, well made and work beautifully.

  3. Denise Cooksey

    Ive been looking for the perfect bridle/halter and Ive found it. Great prices and excellent work. this one actually fits my little paso fino mare,so very happy and love the colors.

  4. Patty C

    Spent alot of time on the internet and in shops looking for the best bitless halter for my natural horsemanship training. Ordered this in a large, trusting the instructions on measuring, and it is perfect! My 16+ hand quarter/thoroughbred looks amazing in it with the electric blue highlights, and I ordered the 9′ Yacht Rope Reins as well. He handles easily in it, it is so comfortable for him. I will surely be purchasing again!

  5. T Hoy

    I bought one, used it once and ordered another. Both a hot/nervous mare and a dull/lazy mare seemed to be very happy and responsive too. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of training and riding without the need to change tack.

  6. Amy (verified owner)

    LOVE this riding halter!!! My unbroken Chincoteague pony picked up on the leads within 5 minutes, and it’s so easy to put on. Looks great too! And the size has been so adjustable that it fits both my tiny 11 hand Chincoteague, AND my bigger Paso-type riding pony – in fact I took the big pony for a 5 mile walk in hand with it as a halter, and he is a notorious escape artist, but it worked great and stayed on. The craftsmanship of these products is also just absolutely beautiful, with clean knots and clean ends.

  7. Rahndi C. (verified owner)

    Fits my horse perfectly.

  8. Diana H. (verified owner)

    Like this equipment very much. Only complaint is that doesn’t loosen up completely once pressure is released on reins. I do recommend this product over other rope bosels is I have tried. Effective, attractive, well crafted and reasonably priced.

  9. Cathy W. (verified owner)

    I have four of these and ride all my trail horses in them. They love them. Cannot recommend them enough!

  10. Kathleen N. (verified owner)

    Strong, well made, easily adjusts to fit a variety of heads, no cruel bit, horses love them, beautiful colors and all I ever use! I have bought several in the past and will continue to use them and encourage others to do the same. Unbreakable, easy to wash if needed.

  11. Bonnie (verified owner)

    Love this bitless riding halter. I’ve always used bitless bridles on my horses and this halter/bridle simplified everything with an easy fit from the pasture to the trailer, and out to the trails! Worth every penny!

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