Hand-Spliced Yacht Rope Split Reins


Custom Rope Color Upgrade

Product Description

Very Stylish Set of Reins

Made out of premium black double braided polyester yacht rope, it has great weight and excellent feel.

Comes as two 5 ft – 8 ft long reins and stainless steel clips are spliced directly to the reins and poppers are threaded into the other ends.

Comes with black braided decorative knots, if you would like another color for the knots make a note of it during checkout.

Rope Colors

Upgrade your order with one of these custom rope colors. Most  of the rope in these other colors are also made of polyester, but a few are made from nylon. Make sure to select your chosen color above in the dropdown menu under “Custom Rope Color Upgrade” there is an additional charge as well as added processing time.

Paracord Colors

These are the different colors available for the braided paracord noseband. Your noseband comes in either one or two colors. You can see the different variations available in the “Braid Styles” tab.


Actual paracord colors will vary from the photos. Lighting conditions, monitor settings, etc… all affect the images. A lot of these colors are hard to photograph clearly enough to show detail and not get a color change or reflections. The photos shown here are “representative” of the actual colors. Colors can and will vary. Refunds and exchanges will not be granted due to color.

Please Note: The dye lots may vary from each production of the cord, they are all within specifications, but may not match up exact from one purchase to the next. If you need exact matches please purchase the amount needed. All purchases made at the same time will match, but we can’t guarantee they will match on another purchase.


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