Hand-Spliced Yacht Rope Horse Lead w/ Solid Brass Snap


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Custom Rope Color Upgrade

Product Description

Snap and un-snap your lead rope with a breeze. These durable solid brass twist snaps are are well suited for colder climates where where the have a little more give than the stainless steel hardware. This lead is made from premium black double braided polyester yacht rope, in your choice from 8 ft – 12 ft long.

It offers superior strength, softness, durability, and resistance to saltwater (sweat), abrasion, sunlight, dirt and is rot-resistant. If it’s good enough to last on the high seas, it will certainly stand up to the rigors of horsemanship. Plus, this rope is easy on your hands, no more rope burn.

The snap is spliced directly into the end of the rope allowing your energy to travel all the way up the lead to the halter for clearer communication between you and your horse. I’ve also sewn it in so the snap can not be pulled out. The leather popper (color may vary) is back-spliced into the end of the rope so that makes it both heavier for nicer popping as well as easier to change out when it eventually needs to be replaced.

These ropes have a long lifetime and are hand washable, just remember leave the popper end out or you will have to treat it with leather conditioner.

So get this great rope from me without having to pay the high prices that the name brand trainers peddle their wares for.

Rope Colors

Upgrade your order with one of these custom rope colors. Most  of the rope in these other colors are also made of polyester, but a few are made from nylon. Make sure to select your chosen color above in the dropdown menu under “Custom Rope Color Upgrade” there is an additional charge as well as added processing time.

1 review for Hand-Spliced Yacht Rope Horse Lead w/ Solid Brass Snap

  1. Leah Serrano (verified owner)

    The product seems very nice. Just got it so hasn’t had the time test yet but it is quality. I got it quicker than expected as well.

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