Average Modified Side-Pull Rope Riding Halter

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Product Description

This modified rope halter/bitless bridle is perfect for trail rides, just snap on your reins and go. You can go from training to riding without the hassle of more tack. Can also be used with a bit!

This halter is hand-tied from your choice of soft black 1/4″ double braided polyester yacht rope or firm black 1/4″ polyester halter cord. All knots are properly tied using the double overhand knot and the Fiador knot. I have also woven paracord (yellow is pictured) around the noseband for a softer feel for the horse and a pleasing look to us. You can also request to have a spiral weaved noseband instead.

If you need some help tying a rope halter, I’ve created a step-by-step video course to walk you through the process. You can learn more about that here.


print your copy and follow along

Get a copy of my DIY Rope Halter cheat sheet to make following along with the demonstration video easier while you tie your next halter!